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Architecture in a post-pandemic era

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    Transforming the world through architecture | 16th April 2020 | Pre-Event SHARE Ljubljana 2020

    • "We won’t get back to normal because normal was the problem", "Towards a resilient urbanism", "Symptoms of new space"

Guest speakers



His professional career covers architectural design, project development and sustainability. Previously Thorissen worked for MVRDV as project leader on projects including Unterföhring Park Village, the Frøsilos in Copenhagen, Buurt 9 in Amsterdam and the Market Hall in Rotterdam. For MVRDV he currently oversees the studio for projects in German-speaking countries. Besides his work for MVRDV, he has acted as visiting critic at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, the ENSA Belleville, Paris, and the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden. Thorissen contributed to many publications about inclusive city design, future housing, the circular economy, and productive urban landscapes.

Principal & Lead Architect @Pepe Gascón Arquitectura - SPAIN


Pepe's architecture and design are contextual, taking into consideration the intrinsic characteristics of the context in which they arise. A lover of timelessness, his passion for architecture and design means that he views each project as a fresh challenge. His work has been published and exhibited in numerous publications and exhibitions, national and international. He began his professional career in 2003, mainly working on residential projects. In recent years he has enthusiastically worked on contract sector projects, primarily on hotel and restaurant design. His work has been awarded many international prizes, whilst being constantly covered by numerous publications and specialised websites. (the Europe 40 under 40 Award, The International Architecture Award, The International Design Award, shortlisted in The LEAF Awards and shortlisted in The FAD Awards between many others).

Founding Partners @Yazgan Design Architecture - TURKEY

Kerem and Begüm YAZGAN

Yazgan Design Architecture Inc. is an architectural, interior, landscape and graphic design and construction firm based in Ankara, Turkey. With an experienced staff of 45 architects, landscape designers, technical draftsman, graphic designers and IT experts, the company has signed on to many architectural, interior design and landscape projects. In the past 16 years, Yazgan Design Architecture has been published in 19 countries and has awarded 89 national and international design awards. With over 8.000.000 square meters in total projects located in both Turkey and many other countries, the portfolio of Yazgan Design Architecture continues to grow and diversify. The company can create projects of different programs and scales that cover conceptual, design development and construction phases. The company portfolio includes mixed-use buildings, retail, hotel, residential, office, educational buildings, hospitals, cultural centres, airports, and sports complexes.


Architect, SLOVENIA


Editor @share-architects.com


From 2017 she is a collaborator of SHARE-Architects, co-editor of the editorial project “Designing The Profile of the Future Architect”, senior associate of SHARE Architects Society and executive manager of the Consultative Council of Architects in Central and Eastern Europe (CCA -CEE).

Fragments from lectures

"Towards a resilient urbanism"

by Sven Thorissen

We have to urge to go out and meet other people which makes our life more complex. We need to design for this complexity of society. We need to design for a society which has limitations but also allows for what people need, which is social interaction

"Lockdown thoughts"

by Pepe Gascon

What is normalcy? We should reconsider this question. We must start writing again. Write a new world

"Symptoms of new space"

by Kerem & Begum Yazgan

We need to attain a multidisciplinary approach, combine scientific processes and change our understanding from object-based architecture to knowledge-based architecture

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