Arhitectura spațiilor de producție

15 aprilie 2021, ora 16.00

Invitați: Răzvan Dracea, (ARI Consult), Șerban Țigănaș (Dico & Țigănaș), Daniel Tellman (SUBCONTROL), Gelu Gopșa (GT Arhitect), Octavia Floria Popeea (Oopy Arhitectura), Șerban Juverdeanu (Global Vision), Alexandru Solomonesc (Bauprojekt), Ioana Pop (POP’94), Roxana Lyons (Blue Projects Company), Andrei Uleia (DaSein Worldwide), Sandor Roland (Zumtobel România), Ionuț Rădulescu (Frisomat România)

Debates on specialized architectural themes with specialists, practitioners and beneficiaries.

A remarkable series of webinars from the first months of the pandemic on the theme of Transforming the world through architecture

Conferences held by notorious architects at SHARE International Architecture and Engineering Forums


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