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Architecture in a post-pandemic era

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    Transforming the world through architecture | 21st April | Pre-Event SHARE Budapest 2020 Forum

    • Lectures: "Tourism or PPP: Post Pandemic Paradise", "Post-Health Crisis; We Were On Our Way To The 21st Century…What Happened To Us?", "Ecological Architecture and World Health: Living in Harmony with Nature and Mankind"

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Guest Speakers

Director @Atelier PRO - THE NETHERLANDS


To affect social dynamics, Dorte Kristensen (Aarhus 1963) loves to play with threshold areas between public and private domian, where urban space meets building, thus creating opportunities for flexible interpretation. Exemplary projects are the much awarded Meander Medical Centre, Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital, Scheldehof Residential Care Centre and Willibrord Care Centre. She advocates multiple use that are demonstrated in multifunctional buildings, schools, town halls and cultural centres. The Klinker Culture Centre and the Deventer Town Hall interior demonstrate the balance between functionality and social icon value. Dorte frequently performs as keynote speaker at trade conferences on architecture of cure and care, education, culture and interior, national and internationally.

Founder @Tense Architecture Network - GREECE


Tense Architecture Network wins 1st prize in the Competition for the Regeneration of the Athens City Centre. The practice’s work includes several first prize competition proposals as well as awarded residences: ‘Residence in Megara’ and ‘Residence in Heraklion’ were nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award (2015-2017) and ‘Residence in Sikamino’ was shortlisted for the same award (2013), while TAN participated in the Architecture Biennale of Venice twice (2012 and 2014). Member of the multidisciplinary group Greenproject (2010), of the Hellenic Institute of Architects (2015), and do.co.momo international (2015). Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens.

Founder @Haim Dotan Architects & Urban Designers - ISRAEL


Designer of the world renown Chinese Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, the Israel pavilion in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, and institutional and commercial projects in Israel and worldwide, he is director of the award-winning international firm, Haim Dotan Architects and Urban Designers, with offices in Tel Aviv and Shanghai and focusing on innovative ecological architecture, urban design and planning. Prof. Haim Dotan is a professor at Fudan University, Shanghai. He is the Director of the Ecological Architectural Design Institute at the DeTao Masters Academy, affiliated with the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). He is an architectural pioneer in developing construction techniques for tourism, educational, institutional, commercial and industrial projects and creates a new language in the global architectural landscape.


President of Chamber of Architects of Budapest, HUNGARY


Mr.Balasz is the president of the Budapest Chamber of Architects. As a young architect, Balázs Csapó has been a partner at Palatium Studio Ltd. since 2005. Palatium was responsible for the general designing of Metro Line 4 Budapest, the largest infrastructural project of Budapest in the past decades. Mr. Csapó had a key role in managing and harmonizing the work of different architect offices with huge engineering companies.

President SHARE Society


As an architect, Șerban is always interested in the evolution of architecture towards a better future. He strongly believes in its power to change the world if architecture becomes part of the general awareness of everybody. He was rewarded with the Medal Bene Merenti, offered by the University of Architecture an Urbanism Ion Mincu Bucharest for merits in representing the profession of architect, the Medal of Excellence offered by the Media Association and the Toffee offered for the entire activity of his practice, by Bursa Construcțiilor. As a practitioner, Șerban is working as managing partner of Dico and Țigănaș architecture and engineering

Fragments from lectures

"Living in harmony with Nature & Mankind"

by Haim Dotan

Technology is the pandemic, this is the virus. Technology is making people inhumane, it is not 2 sqm per persona but it is what you feel inside your brain. And when you run away from other people and constantly run away into this machine, then I think it doesn’t matter how far you are from each other. You can be very close to each other, but you’re not going to have each other because you’re going to be in another world, one of the technology

"We were on our way to the 21st century...what happened to us?"

by Dorte Kristensen

I am not sure whether being a condense city or being a village changes anything to disease. So I think that this whole this is more about behavior than it is about how we build

“Post Pandemic Paradise”

by Tilemachos Adrianopoulos

Architecture is essentially a space of protection. It creates a space of intimacy. It protects you from Cosmos and its threats… but you have to be also in contact with it, this is the paradox

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